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Every space has the potential to be a Good Space

Good for Training

Good for Celebrating

Good for Learning

Good for Meeting

We welcome venues of all shapes, styles, and sizes

Training rooms, cafés, lounge bars, rooftops, backyards, content creation spaces, studios, warehouses to name a few.  Your venue’s potential could be as wide as your guests’ imagination – within your limits, of course.

Need an efficient solution to handle the repeated phone calls and messages about price and availability of your venue?

Need an online space to display up-to-date venue details: Photos, price, amenities, available dates, house rules etc?

Need an easier system to accept, monitor and manage incoming bookings?

It’s time to upgrade the way you manage your venue bookings

Your booking management made simple.



Make it easier for customers to find up-to-date information about your space

Provide your venue details & photos, and presto, we’ll quickly build and activate your listing so you can be easily discovered by persons searching online for their next event venue.



Provide an easier way for customers to book your space

With your Good Space listing activated, customers can easily check available dates and instantly submit their bookings online without you having to answer an email or phone call. Automation will take care of the rest.



Payment guaranteed on all completed bookings

Receive confirmation of full payment before the start of every event. All booking fees collected for completed events are deposited directly to your bank account at the end of every month.

All-in-one booking solution and support starts here

With either of our sign-up options, you get access to all the essential features that will make accepting and managing your bookings a breeze.

Instant Online Booking Capability

Up-To-Date Booking Calendar

Detailed Listing Page

Automated Email Responses

Booking Notifications + Reminders

Multiple Listings Per Venue



USD $89/mth or TT $600/mth

Upfront payment cycle. All features and online support included.

*Billed Bi-annual or Annual




At the end of every month, this service fee is calculated and payable from the total completed bookings submitted through the platform.

The Good Space Checklist

A Good Host

Easily accessible location

Included amenities

Safe and well-maintained facility

Free wireless internet access

Frequently Asked Questions

We welcome spaces of all kind – unique places to have workshops, classes, retreats, getaways and special events. People want venues to meet, create, relax and celebrate. Good Space makes it easier for customers to discover your venue and faster for them to book them.

We understand that all venues aren’t the same. We offer two subscription options, choose the one that’s best for you: 1) fixed upfront listing fee billing bi-annually or annually 2) Pay As You Earn – where we only charge when you have a confirmed and completed booking through our platform. You get the same great features either way.

  • Real first and last name (only the last initial will be visible to users)
  • Email address (all initial correspondence will be sent to this address before your address is issued)
  • Contact phone number (provided only to guests who have confirmed bookings)
  • Submission of our GOOD SPACE Listing Detail form
  • Subscription payment (Pre-paid subscription plan only)
  • Banking details for payouts of booking fees collected by us.

All booking fees collected through our platform are held until the booking is completed. At the end of every month, the total fee of all completed bookings for that period is directly deposited to your bank account via ACH Bank Transfer minus our 15% service fee if applicable.

We’re here to provide support and valuable advice to ensure you unlock the full potential of your venue. Together we’ll identify any untapped uses for your space and if needed, assist with establishing your most competitive pricing structure.

We can. If you have no advertising quality pictures that capture your venue’s best features, we can also assist in that area. If we review the photos you do supply and feel they don’t represent the best ‘face’ for your venue, we’ll be honest and let you know. We want you to present an impressive listing that will attract your ideal audience.

You’ll be in GOOD company

Our venue partners continue to host individuals and companies of all sizes for meetings, workshops, social events and more at our listed locations.