Maximum use.
Minimum work.

Unlock the hidden earning potential of your venue and make it easier for more event organisers and individuals to discover and book it.

Good Space is an online marketing and managing platform for your rental space to maximise its booking potential.

How hosting works

Do you have a “Good Space”?

We pass your space through our checklist to determine the capabilities of your space, amenities, parking, pricing and meet the potential host.

Nope, listing your space is not free

**We charge a listing fee that contributes to managing the platform (billed bi-annual or annually) and towards marketing spend. To manage the platform and include your venue into our promotion circle we charge a listing fee (billed bi-annual or annually) and a 15% transaction fee on all fulfilled booking for the month.

Get paid for every booking

Booking fees are collected upfront before each event. We employ a robust booking system that helps you efficiently manage and monitor all incoming bookings with automated guest notifications.

You’re never alone

We’re here to provide support and valuable advice to ensure you get the most out of your space and listing: venue set up directions; photography; pricing decisions; and wherever we identify ways that add more value to your space.

**Your space is being paid for upfront everytime before each use. Relax. With multiple payment methods put in place, it’s easier and more convenient for organisers and individuals to deposit payment to secure their booking dates.

You’ll be in Good Hands


Open your door to new possibilities

We’re here to provide support and valuable advice to ensure you enjoy the full potential of your venue. Together we’ll identify any untapped uses for your space, assist with competitive pricing structure, and capture your venue’s best features to present a captivating listing that will attract your ideal audience.


List your space for faster, easier bookings

 Create a searchable Good Space listing that showcases your venue. Highlight unique features, amenities and any other need-to-know details. Give your space a better chance to be considered for booking by top event organisers and planners.


Receive a stream of interest without lifting a finger

We’ll handle 80% of the work related to efficiently managing, monitoring and responding to all incoming enquiries and bookings. Your 20% effort will be to ensure your space is perfectly ready for confirmed events.

Every space has the potential to be a Good Space

Good for meetings

Good for training

Good for events

Spaces of all shapes, styles, and sizes have an audience on Good Space. Your venue’s potential could be as wide as your guests’ imagination – within limits, of course.

Why partner with Good Space?

As a Good Space partner venue, you benefit from the ongoing promotion of the Good Space platform as well as individualised/targeted marketing within your venue’s category. Here are some of the main ways we are actively promoting your listing.

Web-friendly formatting of your space

Every venue listed on the Good Space platform has it’s dedicated web listing and is backed up by the strength of our website’s top search engine optimisation ranking – first-page on Google searches. This guarantees that your venue is quickly discovered online, both on mobile devices and desktops.

Online advertising

At Good Space, we work to bring you the kind of bookings you want, and lots of them. Some of this is done through paid advertising, where we are spending cash to bring interested guests to your space.

In addition, we do our best to keep people engaged once they have shown interest in your space. When someone inquires about your listing, we’ll start to show them advertisements that feature photos of your space to keep it top of mind. This technique is incredibly effective and is automatically applied to your listing on Good Space.

Affordable, smarter marketing

Yes, this is a paid service but you get real bang for your buck. You’re paying for our expertise and experience as designers, web developers, social media marketers and rental space managers. We know what works to get people through the doors. With our attention to delivering beautifully designed listings, targeted ad campaigns and top-notch online customer service and support, you get a virtual extension of your in-house team.

Got questions that need to be answered? Contact us directly via phone or email.

We are here to help you get the most out of your space and ensure you deliver a good experience to every guest you host.