Booking management made simple.

Good Space is an efficient online solution for managing and marketing your rental venue.

How hosting works

Do you have a “Good Space”?

We pass your space through our checklist to determine the capabilities of your space, amenities, parking, pricing and meet the potential host.

Nope, listing your space is not free

**We charge a listing fee that contributes to managing the platform (billed bi-annual or annually) and towards marketing spend. To manage the platform and include your venue into our promotion circle we charge a listing fee (billed bi-annual or annually) and a 15% transaction fee on all fulfilled booking for the month.

Get paid for every booking

Booking fees are collected upfront before each event. We employ a robust booking system that helps you efficiently manage and monitor all incoming bookings with automated guest notifications.

You’re never alone

We’re here to provide support and valuable advice to ensure you get the most out of your space and listing: venue set up directions; photography; pricing decisions; and wherever we identify ways that add more value to your space.

How hosting works


List your space

Join the growing list of high-quality event rental spaces offering short-term (hourly or daily) usage to individuals, companies, and organisations to host just about any type of event.


Receive bookings

Enjoy the convenience of using a robust online booking system to efficiently manage and monitor all incoming bookings.


Get paid

At the end of each month, you’ll receive all collected booking fees of completed bookings minus our 15% commission.

Every space can be a Good Space

Good for meetings

Good for training

Good for events

Spaces of all shapes, styles, and sizes have an audience on Good Space. Your venue’s potential could be as wide as your guests’ imagination – with limits, of course.

Single-room listing starts at US$39/mth

(Billed Annually)

Hosting FAQs

What are the steps to becoming a Good Space Venue Host?

We’re excited to welcome you to the Good Space platform as a host partner. To activate your space on the marketplace, there are a few basic steps we’ll need to complete as part of the listing experience. These steps are in place to ensure hosts like yourself are prepared for success and ready to receive and manage bookings in line with our Good Space Promise.

What we’ll need to get from you:

  • Basic information about your space (such as full, address, capacity, amenities, operating hours etc.)
  • High-quality photos of your space
  • Your banking information for booking payouts
  • Returned sign contract and selected listing fee.

What is Good Space listing fee?

We charge an annual listing fee (see pricing table below) for both single-room and multi-room spaces upon sign up. This fee helps us better work for you through:

  • Marketing: We spend significant time and resources promoting the platform and your space.
  • Product Improvements: We’re building and connecting tools to make it easy to manage your space.
  • Support: We have a dedicated team to help you maximize your earnings and address any situation.

The host’s payout, on amounts of money paid through Good Space, is processed and released by bank transfer to banking details provided during signup within 5 days of the of the following month. Good Space retains 15% (commission) of the total booking fees for the period. For example, a space listed at $100/hr would net the host an $85 payout following the successful completion of a 1-hour booking.

How does Good Space market my space?

As a Good Space partner venue, you benefit from the ongoing promotion of the Good Space platform space as well as individualise/targeted market within your venue category. Here are some of the main ways we are actively marketing your listing.

Web-friendly formatting of your space

Every venue listed on the Good Space platform has it’s dedicated Search Engine Friendly web page that can be easily found on Google as well as other search engines because it’s backed up by the strength of the Good Space website.

Online advertising

At Peerspace, we want to bring you the kinds of bookings you want, and lots of them. Some of this is done through paid advertising, where we are spending cash to bring interested guests to your space.

In addition, we do our best to keep people engaged once they have shown interest in your space. When someone inquires about your listing, we’ll start to show them advertisements that feature photos of your space to keep it top of mind. This technique is incredibly effective and is automatically applied to your listing on Good Space.

If your questions were not answered in our FAQ don’t hesitate to contact us directly via phone or email.

We are here to help you get the most out of your space and ensure you deliver a good experience to every guest you host.

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