Coronavirus Updates

Follow these measures to limit your exposure during your time inside any of our venues. As an event host, you may wish to provide your own hand sanitiser for use by your attendees.


Maintain physical distance

It’s advisable to stay at least six feet apart from other attendees.

Wear a mask

Upon entry, all attendees should wear a mask/face covering that protects both their nose and mouth.

Wash your hands

Use water and soap and wash your hands for at least twenty seconds. Additionally, you can use a hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol.

Don’t touch your face

Try to keep your hands away from your face to reduce your exposure.

Stay away if sick

Prior to your event, remind your attendees to stay away if sick on the day.

Standard cleaning*

All common areas including bathrooms, kitchens, and entrances will be cleaned prior to each booking. *Some venues will supply a hand washing station, hand sanitiser and administer individual temperature checks upon entry.


Attendee count is reduced per venue based on available capacity. Room arrangement must be in keeping with the venue’s guidelines or visible markers that allow for physical distancing.